ID 4 ME is a springboard platform offering practical assistance for addressing personal governance issues including personal identity documents and a workable postal and email address leading to entry into the Learner’s Permit Workshop and The D2A Driver’s licence Program.

Not having ID can make it virtually impossible to escape homelessness, poverty and unemployment. It makes it much harder to get a job, find a place to live, open a bank account, get food vouchers and disability benefits — or in some instances, even stay at a homeless shelter.

In addition to their intended purpose, learner’s permit and driver’s licence cards are widely accepted as a form of identification and can be used to obtain passports, bank accounts, and Abstudy.


D2A recognises the challenges young people may have in supplying some identity documents when they apply for their initial WA driver’s licence or ID photo card. The photo card is a voluntary card to assist people who do not hold a driver’s licence or passport in conveniently proving their identity. It is available to people 16 years and older who normally reside in WA.

The new photo card has the same level of integrity as a drivers’ licence and is recognised by DoT as a form of photographic identification.

A combination of five original documents must be presented to the Dept of Transport, including photo ID, proof of Centrelink number, birth certificate and proof of a permanent residence. A learner’s permit card provides a direct link between identity and person and are one of the few compulsory options of proof available to Indigenous youth in satisfying requirements to obtain a Photo Card ID.

At a practical level ID 4 Me provides the following.

  • Discussion regarding barriers to proving identity
  • Develop a plan to recover mandatory documents
  • Identify challenges of completing application forms and participating in the learner’s permit workshop e. g. Literacy levels & computer access
  • Transportation to a driver’s centre or D2A Open Day.
  • Fee money e.g. application for Photo Card ID $44, Learner’s test $19.35, Log book $7.35